Our Advocates

Meet our Birthline Advocates, each one with a great listening ear, a knowledge of resources and strategies, an eagerness to hear your story, and a great personal story herself. Advocates are the ones who spend time with those who come and visit us, needing our help and support. They are ready to advocate for you.  


Hello, my name is Margie. I was once a very troubled young person, in love with love, engaged 5 times prior to age 25, and always looking for fulfillment through men. I worried that I would become pregnant, but did not have a plan if I did. My life was chaotic. I was very angry and had no direction. If I only had a kind ear of someone who would love me and help guide me to the right paths, that would be life-saving!, I thought to myself. Finally someone did reach out to me and I was hungry to learn and began following their guidance. It was wonderful to finally meet a person with a kind ear and sound advice.  I started on a journey of improving my life and finding purpose for living. I realized that I am a valuable human being and didn’t have to depend on men to make me feel loved. I have since married and have 3 beautiful children and 3 adorable grandchildren. My relationship with my husband, although it is not perfect, is thriving because we now have the tools to manage our difficulties. I recently began volunteering at Birthline because I want to become that kind ear women are searching for, and would love to help them feel valued and cared for. I don’t want anyone to feel as lost as I once was.


I’m very excited to be an Advocate Birthline, in part because of my own story.  When I was 19 I experienced an unplanned pregnancy.  I was so scared and I felt so alone. My boyfriend and I had broken up and I could not picture parenting at that age and being single. I had just finished my 1st year at CSU. Unfortunately, at the time I did not know that places like Birthline existed but even so, after considering all the options for a couple of months, I chose to parent. My daughter, who is now 20, is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I now have 3 additional children and have been married for 11 years. I was even able to graduate from CSU with a degree in biology education. I didn't have to give up all of my dreams like I had imagined. I want women in unintended pregnancy situations to know that they will not be alone when they visit Birthline. They will find guidance and resources to help meet their needs, including my friendship.


My name is Christina and I have been volunteering at Birthline since March 2021. But the first time I walked into Birthline was 6 years ago when I was struggling with my own unplanned pregnancy which had a grim prognosis. I didn't think they could really understand me or my struggles. At the time I was a recovering opiate addict with a husband who was actively using methamphetamine. I was drowning in pain and I felt invisible. But the women at Birthline cared for me and they saw me. I didn't think I needed help at the time, but I did, and they supported me. Since then my life has changed drastically and I know that their love was the catalyst. In a few months my husband and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We are both doing well in our recovery and very connected in our church community. We have 6 beautiful kids! And I’ve now found joy that isn't dependent on my circumstances. My hope is that I can help other women the way I was helped, and that more women might know they aren't alone.

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.